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What We Like To Do

CoreyWare represents a small, but dedicated group of creative computer professionals who build PC hardware and create and design PC based software for business and government and the Internet.

Our approach to solving problems emphasizes simple, creative alternatives -- different from the giant firms, who's solutions are often unnecessary, bordering obsolescence and wicked expensive.

Nights, weekends and holidays, you probably can find a CoreyWare consultant in front of a computer, with nothing but a cup of old coffee and a challenge to keep as company. This is what we like to do.

With satellite offices in New York, Boston and Providence, we perform work for a wide variety of local, regional and international clients. No client is too small or too big, when you love your work.

Need computer advice?
We stay up late programming, reading, geeking, surfing and generally "playing" with systems so we can advise you on the latest and greatest technical solution to your computer problems.

We can write you that program that does just what you want. So what do you want?

Web Pages?
We would like to provide your business with turn-key Web services.

We "Hand Craft" each one of our custom made systems to "Wicked Strict" specifications.

We welcome your questions? comments? suggestions?

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Providence, RI 02906
Phone: (401) 751-1999 Facsimile: (401) 751-1999